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I am a fifth-year PhD student in the Department of Information and Decision Sciences (IDSc) at Carlson School of Mangement, University of Minnesota.

My research aims at deriving insights and strategies to facilitate interactions and transactions among various actors in IT-enabled platforms and markets. Specifically, in the first stream of work (my dissertation research), I investigate the interplay and relationships between digital content and engagement behaviors in business pages on social media, and the related challenges and opportunities for associated firms. In the second stream of work, I study the problem of designing theoretically robust and computationally efficient information technology artifacts and mechanisms, to achieve economic efficiency and facilitate participants’ decision making in complex markets.

I address these research questions using a number of methodologies. In particular, I combine the use of econometric analyses, randomized experiments, survey methods, and machine learning to understand digital content and associated engagement behaviors on social media. My research also directly advances the methodological rigor of combining econometrics and machine learning to produce robust statistical inferences. Meanwhile, I use mathematical modeling and simulation methods to design computational artifacts for complex market mechanisms.

I obtained my bachelor’s degree in Information Systems Management from the School of Economics and Management at Tsinghua University.